Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve Festivities!

Christmas Eve at the Sebring 5 house, was not without craziness and running around doing last minute fun! I had to make a last minute trip to Wal-Mart (yep, I forgot to get cookie dough for Santa cookies and DIAPERS) with all three kids in tow!  Then, we came home in one piece and the kids ate some lunch and got busy decorating their giant Gingerbread cookies!

After some outside playtime and some quiet time, we got all dressed up for church and attended the Vigil Mass. Henry had a hard time because he is phasing out of naps and was not liking being confined to the pew.  So I was doing double duty with him and Davis, because right now they both prefer me to Russell. But thankfully, we enjoyed listening to the Christmas story and seeing the manger and the beautiful Cathedral decorations.

So now, after dinner, reading "Twas the Night Before Christmas" and setting out our goodies for Santa and the reindeer...all is calm until Santa makes his big appearance! The kids are ready! And I think we are, too! 

Moving around!

 This little guy is getting busy going everywhere! He has really gotten interested in looking out the window to watch his brother and sister playing! He gets so excited and loves to watch them to play!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Dogpile on Daddy!

Family Game Time!

 Playing games is something my kids love doing before bedtime! Well, anytime! But the other night we included Henry for the first time and he loved it!  He is getting old enough to play simple games where the focus is on taking turns.  And Mr. Davis had a good time being a spectator! He was very interested in all the fun and would just set his eyes on what Grace Ann and Henry were doing. 

My sweet kids!

 My sweet friend, Charissa, made these cute shirts for my kids and I wanted to make sure to capture how sweet they looked all together! Grace Ann's shirt can't be seen, but it has a present on it with the matching fabric as the boys.  We were on way to eat lunch with the Sebring Family!

Christmas Light Tour

 Friday Night we got the kids all dressed up in their Christmas PJs to enjoy cookies and milk, while we drove around looking at Christmas lights. I had been talking this up to Grace Ann and Henry all week, so they were super excited!  So after supper and baths, we loaded up in the car and went looking for the best lights. We judged them by giving them a grade in stars (think Star Search scoring), 4 stars and below. Of course, GA would say 5 stars and super 6 stars and funny things to go over the 4 star limit. And Henry, would just say, "Wow and Whoa!" Davis just fell asleep and then 15 min. into it, so did Henry. And then After 30 minutes, GA was asking to go home. So we popped the kids into bed and Russ and I had the house to ourselves! It was a great night!

Ready for lights!

Grace Ann and Henry's School Christmas Parties

 Henry's Class had a book exchange and a little party to celebrate Christmas! 

 I thought he was so cute as he stood in line with his friends. They were waiting to wash hands. 
 Then the next day, we went to GA's class party! They all brought gifts to give each other and had some great party food! 

Monday, December 16, 2013

2013 MDS Christmas Program