Monday, May 20, 2013

Gimme some of that May Ketchup!

So here we are already in the middle of May and I am just not ready for those hot summer months!  I have so enjoyed the breezy days of April and May!  We have been busy with fun events this month...Mother's Day, Grace Ann's school program and just this weekend our favorite babysitter's wedding where Grace Ann was a flower girl for the first time!  I have to admit I teared up when I saw her do her "big job" because I was just so proud of her and I love her so much that I just couldn't help myself!  I can't imagine what I am going to be like at her dance recital later this month!

Here are a few pics!

 Grace Ann and her teacher, Ms. Amy
 Davis was my date to the program, Russell was sick with a fever and a sinus infection, so he stayed home with Henry!

 With my boys on Mother's Day before church...GA was busy putting on her make-up!

 Our flower girl!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

More phone pics...

 One month old at the Island House
 GA at a friend's house playing legos
 Grabbing a toy for the first time
 This boy loves the park
 Ready for church
 Eating lunch at Surf Club
 Taking a ride
 Playing together so sweet
 Best roast ever! Just cook on low for 6-8hours
 Going on a walk with the whole crew
 One day when GA was school, he was sitting quietly playing with "sissy's " church backpack that has her jewelry and "make-up." 
 Watching videos of each other on the IPAD
 tummy time
 Get this off of me!
 Best buddies
 more play time
 My dr. pepper roast! Janai, you would be so proud...I can cook!
 Waiting at the dr. office for 2 month check up.
 Henry came for moral support, too!
 GA's picture taking
Happy before bed time!

Phone pics overload...

 One morning before I went to February!
 Took GA to Chili's, just me and her!
 GA fixed Davis' cradle with her babies to practice before he came!
 A home day, where GA can pick out her clothes...they actually sit together on the couch quite well!
 My Easter decor...
 Henry at La Playa the weekend before Davis was born!
 Getting Henry's haircut, two days before I had Davis!
 He's here!
 A pic I took in the hospital...

 At the doctor's office for his newborn check up
 A few days old and I was tired!  No make-up or cute hair...
 The day GA came home from the grandparents, couldn't wait to hold Davis again!
 She made herself a reading corner in our room.
 GA was taking pictures...
 A sweet moment of Henry checking out Davis...he was saying," Rocky, rocky.."
 Watching TV with me and a big yawn.
 A very tired Henry...
 And THIS is the ONLY hat he will wear, because it belongs to his sissy!
 At the Library Easter Egg hunt
 At the egg hunt
 My little bunny
 Reading Davis a story...LOVE IT
When GA went to a Build-a-Bear birthday party! Her first Bear!