Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas morning!

 Waking up Christmas morning...someone was excited! It was so much fun to watch my little people's faces as they saw Christmas unfold from Santa and seeing the manger scene at church!  Here are our pictures from Christmas morning from seeing our Santa presents to going to church and coming home.

Another attempt at our family picture!  At least I can say we tried!

Christmas with Grannie and Pop-Pop

 On Friday, the 21st we headed east to visit my parents and to spend some time with them before Christmas.  It was a quick trip, but we packed in a lot of fun.  We took a trip to the Woodlands and went to the Merry Tuba Christmas outside concert, ate great food and were very spoiled with wonderful presents from my folks.  Grace Ann and Henry had so much fun being with their Grannie and Pop-Pop and can't wait for another fun visit!

 My little conductor!

 Russ and I were the only cooperative people in this picture!

 Love these smiles! And of course, "blowing bubbles" was the cause!

 He was scared to death of his new lawnmower!  Poor guy!

Before church checking herself out in the mirror!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve....

 I know what you are thinking....why are you posting on Christmas Eve!  Well, while I wait for my little ones to drift off to sleep and Russ is smoking the turkey outside for tomorrow's dinner, I needed to catch up! And my dad is watching good 'ole football on the TV, so I have no where to turn but the blog! But we have had a fun past few days with a few minor hiccups.  And I needed to document all these Christmas memories before my pregnant brain forgot!  Henry has been feeling a little under the weather and I think Grace Ann is following right behind him.  Hopefully, they will rally and not get too sick when cousins come to visit!  But here are some pictures from our Christmas Eve with Russell's parents on the island.  It was a small family evening because Russell's two grandmothers are recuperating from big medical stuff! (Please say some prayers for Grandma Tatum, who just had a stroke on Sunday and Grandma Sebring, who is back home after breaking her hip at the beg. of the month.) 
 What a family picture!?
 My dad with the Sebring 4.75...look at my huge belly!
 Me and Russ

 Cheese! I am ready for Santa!
 I just missed the cutest picture of Henry kissing his Meme! It was so sweet!
 GA was ready to get home!
 Me and GA reading our Christmas Story book.
I got the neatest book from Walmart that has the Christmas Story in little books that hang on your tree as ornaments and each night leading up to tonight we would read about the birth of baby Jesus.  It was so special, bc each night before bed and prayers we would read a little part of the story and Grace Ann really loved to hang them on her tree afterwards.  I totally recommend this book and it was only 12.97!

 Trying to read with Mr. Monkey going everywhere and Grace Ann sometimes does not want her picture taken!

 Leaving carrots and water for the reindeer!
 Holding up her letter and showing off the milk and cookies!
It read:
Dear Santa,
Thank you for coming to my house!
I left you some cookies.
I hope you like them.
Grace Ann and Henry