Sunday, February 7, 2010

Catching up...

Already trying to change the channel!
Ready for school

She loved driving! Uh-oh we are in trouble...

Grace Ann did not want to pet the horse!

The kiddos: Grace Ann, Anna Grace and Grayson
some pretty cute girls!

Tara and Tree singing some tunes...

What's so funny guys?

Are those those some great hats or what?
Wally world special!
Me and Tara
I have been so lazy with my posting and I know that my mom will appreciate this update. So here is what we have been up to...
  • New Year's Eve- went to a friend's ranch for a fun spend the night party with 7 other couples- no driving afterwards a gift in itself!
  • Back to school Jan.4th-the break went by way too fast!

  • Jan. 24th- Russ and Todd went to see the Saints and Vikings game in NO with my Dad...they had a blast! (sorry no pictures...still waiting on my dad to sent those)

  • Jan. 29th- went to Cleveland/The Woodlands to see Brittney and the new baby, Allie! She is so darn cute and tiny!! I don't think GA was ever that tiny! (again no pics b/c no camera) Plus I got to see my parents, Emily, Enjoli and Camden and Jessica and sweet baby Jackson, who is also super adorable!
  • GA and Camden had fun staking their claim on their favorite toys! I think Grann and Pop had fun watching them, too!

  • GA got her one-year molars and those are just so fun to deal with! Take huge teeth + cranky baby+no sleep= really happy parents!

  • She is also talking up a storm! I told Russ I bet her lexicon(= vocabulary, using that speech language education wherever I can) is at least 50! Her favorite words are: apple, elephant, milk, "my baby", nose, ears, eyes,uh-oh and thank you!