Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Beware- Messy Eater Ahead!

Here is GA eating some yummy carrots! It's pretty messy!

Weekend in Midland

Oceana and I getting ready for Surprise Birthday party!
Jack wanted to help too!

Grace Ann and her cousin Jack!
He can say her name so good- "Baby Grace Ann"
On the plane going to Midland.
Waiting to board.

This weekend we traveled to Midland for the first time on an airplane with GA and it wasn't that bad. But have you ever seen two grown people with one little baby check 4 big bags of luggage for a tiny weekend trip? Plus take two carry-ons as well. I can't survive a weekend without my baby props! I guess in baby class they just don't prepare you for plane rides. Thankfully we made it and had a great trip with only one major explosion!!
Yes you read correctly- I said explosion! I will make this short and to the point....... Friday night we are about to go into Venezia's (great Italian food place in M-town) and as I am trying to feed GA in the car before we go in.....I feel something wet on my hands and then I look down at my pants! Yes, there was "stuff" there from my sweet precious non-smelly baby. I am shouting to Russ to get the diaper bag and get out of the car, who has no clue how to handle this level of explosion! GA is covered in the"stuff" and is dripping down her legs as I am holding her up and away from me. ( I have no change of clothes). People (innocent bystanders) are now staring at us as we have now stripped down Grace Ann and are trying to hose her off with every wipee I have left. Needless to say we survived and 20 minutes later were able to go into the restaurant. And yes I still had "stuff" on my pants!! What an ordeal, but now I can cross that off my list for the new-parent olympics!!!

Grace Ann with her Pop

Yummy Green beans!!!

My parents came to visit over Valentine's weekend and gave Russ and I the chance for a little date! We had a great time going to Dragonfly over on the island. I ate way too much and we definitely enjoyed the wonderful desserts they had to offer. Russ got this extremely tasty treat known as Brownies in a Jar. Who knew that putting yummy deliciousness into a jar would make it a million times better! These people are smart!

So here are a few pics of the girl when they came to visit. Enjoy!

Stroller Strides Kid's Day

Just wanted to post this cute pic of GA at Stroller Strides Kid's Day! This weekend we traveled to Midland for Earl's surprise birthday party! I will post those pics later!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sitting pretty!

Just another pic of GA in her "command center."
Hey guys!

Getting those ABC's in early!

Last week I put together the highchair while Russ was at work! Grace Ann was looking at me like I was a crazy person as I was huffing and puffing to put that thing together. Thank goodness it does not take a rocket scientist to set it up. So here are some pictures of GA sitting in her high chair. Yes, I know she is not using it for eating purposes......we will get to that later. So far I put her in it while I am cooking dinner and she just plays away.
This weekend we are introducing her to solids! I am excited and a little worrisome on how this event will pan out. We shall see............. stay tuned for some really messy pictures!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Stroller time!

Most days we walk to the bay, well I say we......
Oscar usually jumps into the undercarriage of the stroller half-way through our walk!
This picture was taken after our walk.....so yes, it was staged!

Pretty cute, huh?

Grace Ann travels with her pink poodle and her sweet little bunny!