Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sweet brother and sister!

 This weekend, Grace Ann has really been super sweet to her brother!  Don't get me wrong, she loves him very much, but lately she just has been so caring with him.  And he is enjoying the attention!  These are just a few shots I took of them recently.  (Please disregard the mess on the floor, we are in the middle of converting our 80's wet bar into a hide-away office nook!  Should have done this years ago!)
 In our laundry hamper! And yes, all my dirty clothes are on the floor!

 In our bed, before bedtime watching a little movie!

 Russell working on the office nook!  That good ole pinterest has struck again and my poor husband has to re-create exactly what I want...poor guy having to deal with my hormones and craziness!  Thank goodness, he is so good-natured about the whole thing!  Don't worry, his "crazy" wife did let him enjoy 18 holes of golf the next day! 
Sweet daddy's girl! She wanted to help her daddy the whole time!  She loved every minute of being his assistant!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Having a fun day!

 She loves to get dressed up!  Too cute...I love our little Snow White!

 And of course, Brother wanted to partake in the action.  
He is saying, "Cheese!"

I just love his sweet little innocent expressions! He is such a
"momma's boy!" And I love it!

32 weeks!

How far along? 32 weeks 1 day  (in picture)
Weight gain: 30 lbs. and still holding; depending on my diet my weight will shift 1 or 2 pounds, so I will stick with the average of 30 lbs. weight gain
Maternity clothes: Of course, but I hate when you get to the end of the pregnancy and the clothes begin to really ride up and tug and just don't look all that great!  At least, accessorizing with cute jewelry will help!
Gender: Sweet little boy!
Cravings: Just sweets and queso this week! On Monday, I did have some great queso and chips at our fav. Mexcian food place, so that was very fulfilling!
Symptoms:  I have started to get super tired after being with kids all day! I don't even try to get out much and when I don't have to get dressed for my part-time tutoring job, I just stay in the roomiest clothes and wear no make-up!  
Best Moment of the Week:  Getting to start re-arranging and re-vamping "the boy's" room.  We painted a nautical stripe on one wall and are working on getting things monogrammed and set up for the little Davis!  For the last time, I dragged Russ to Babies R Us and did the whole thing of "what do you think?" And of course, good husband that he is, he replied, "Whatever you want to do." Now, normally this nonchalant reply drives me crazy, but I do love it when I get to pick out everything I think we need.

So far, we have bought a new car seat, a new Diaper Genie and a little coming home outfit!  Hopefully, soon I will be able to post some pictures of their room!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

31 weeks!

Here I am! No make-up and giving Henry a bath!  End of the day glory!

Preganancy Highlights:
How far along?  31 weeks and 1 day
Weight Gain: Lots of pounds! Somewhere in the ballpark of 30ish lbs. 
No wonder my back is killing me!  
Gender: BOY
Sleep: terrible!  I have a head cold and just can't get comfortable, must be my massive weight gain! Curse that yummy Mexican food and delicious IHOP pancakes!
Cravings: a good night's sleep and a full day of putting my feet up! And a tropical vacation with an umbrella drink!  That counts, right?
Symptoms:  swollen everything, this is the first pregnancy that I haven't worn my wedding rings the whole way through! Plus I have carpul (spell check) tunnel syndrome at night and it is terrible! I wake up with my hands just throbbing down to the bone...
Best Moment of the Week: Having Russ get home from work almost everyday before 6pm and helping me out with the kids plus cooking dinner! He is awesome and I just love him so much!