Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Just playing around!

They love playing together!

Cheese for Mommy!
Right before he went straight backwards...thank goodness he didn't hit too hard!

Henry's 7th month picture!

I am so embarrassed that I JUST took this picture last night...the last day he was 7 months! But you know how it goes, I have that mentality of "oh I will get to that later." Then I realized later was yesterday and here is the 7 month picture very much later than I wanted!

This boy has really grown this last month! He learned how to sit up by himself, dig through his bucket of toys, babble babble, cut two teeth within a week of each other and has sparked some interest in crawling (this mama is just not ready for a mobile baby)!

Right now, his activities of choice are: jumping up and down in the control center, watching anything sister is doing, being held and flirted with, going on stroller rides and attempting to grab Oscar's ears! So far, Oscar has been okay, but I know that won't last for long!

Henry weighs 19 lbs. and I am not sure how long he is...but whoa my arms are tired! I know by Christmas I may have to say goodbye to his infant seat and hello to a new car seat!

I can't believe how fast life goes by these days and I really want it to slow down so I can really process all the wonderful memories that I see my children making for me! With all the chaos that goes on in the world and even in my everyday life, I am so thankful for these moments that I get to have!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A month full of Fun!

Before we knew it, October slid on by with many events for the Sebring 4! We went to GA's fall festival at her school, celebrated Grandmother Tatum's 90th birthday, took a quick trip to Cleveland, endured a big sinus infection with GA, watched Henry cut his first two teeth, had our annual Halloween party, went to the Murphree Pumpkin carving party and lastly we went Trick or Treating last night! Whew...did I say we were busy! As busy as it has been, we have had some major fun and have enjoyed watching these kiddos grow! I have been so proud of Grace Ann lately and how she is really working on her "helpful choices" and learning how to cope with difficult situations and Henry has been a trooper with those teeth! Double ouch with two coming up together! All the pictures below are from this month! Enjoy!

My "Cow" boy and Fairy!

Oh man, did I try to do a little make-up on GA, but she kept on moving and squirming around! So as you can see we are definitely NOT the "High Glitz" kind of people! How do those crazy ladies make up those little girls on Toddler and Tiaras!

Me and my boy
Nice job, babe!

Look at those pink cheeks! She had a blast playing with friends!

Watching Daddy carving the pumpkin!

Jumping bunnies!

Grace Ann and Grandmother are fast friends! They both have great giggle boxes!

Henry and Grandmother Tatum
Riding the train!


These girls have muscles...those pumpkins were heavy!

The boys and their football...Henry was really paying attention!

3rd Annual Sebring Halloween Bash!

What?! A-List celebrities at the party!
Yes, that's are seeing with your VERY eyes...
Katy Perry and Keith Stone as a COUPLE at the party!

My mom made the cutest cake pops!
More of KP and the Smooth Keith Stone!
Yummy food...everyone loved the corn dip!

GA and I decorated these pumpkins to represent our fam...they turned out so cute!
More front door
The Bartender
The Hippie and the Protester (he is not a fan of Occupy Wall Street or the cancellation of the A&M and Texas game)
The superhero and Princess Lia (is that spelled right?)