Wednesday, January 22, 2014

10 months old!

Davis turned 10 months on Jan. 7th and he has been busy moving around our house!  This boy is very mobile and active when he is not asleep!  Whew! I wish I had his energy!

This month he weighs:
21 lbs.
And is 30.75 inches long!

Nursing 3-4x a day and solid foods 3x a day

He is going through a "sleep regression" (just found this term when I googled no napping) and he has been standing up in his crib fighting going to sleep during his normal nap time! This has been going on since right after Christmas! This website says that this phase could last up to 6 weeks! This sleep regression, which usually happens from 8-11 months, has to do with babies learning new motor development (crawling, standing up, pulling up) skills and their minds are constantly in motion and it is hard for them to sleep.  And that is so true, because this guy just learned how to do all those things in the last month or so. I am just hoping we are going to be moving out of this stage very soon!

Night time sleep:
Same as the naps, crying when I lay him down, even when I do the same bed time routine I have been doing for months.  But we put him to sleep usually between 7-7:30pm and he will stay asleep, usually, until 7am.  

New teeth:
He has three new teeth coming in on top! All at the same time! I didn't notice there were three of them until I looked one day and man, did I feel so guilty that I hadn't been giving him anything for the pain!  
New tricks:
Davis has become a very smart baby...he knows that if he throws his paci on the floor, we will come in to put it back in.  And when we do, he has a funny look on his face that says, "I knew you'd come back!"  
And the other trick he does to let me know that he wants me to keep holding him is when I try to set him down on the floor, he keeps his legs straight as a board so I can't sit him down.  This guy is too smart!  I for see some mischievous behavior in his future!

Getting his 10 month picture was a little bit harder...I attempted 3 different times on Tuesday, but I guess when you are cutting 3 new teeth and have a runny nose, the results will not be the best!

"Come on Mom, not another photo shoot!"

Poor guy! I am totally torturing him!
I think this is the best one....

Monday, January 20, 2014

The Boys!

 Me and Davis checking our email!
And this brother, worn out from being with Daddy picking up Pepaw's boat!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Fancy Nancy Tea Party!

Grace Ann has this Fancy Nancy Tea Party book that her sweet Aunt Marcie gave her one year and after Christmas she has been so into this book. Sooooo, I caved and Russell caved and we threw her a little tea party. We had 4 little girls over and they had a great time and playdate! It is so fun to see Grace Ann light up with excitement at getting all dressed up and having tea!

So happy to be her mommy! She is so much fun! 

Early January Phone Pics!

 Love these boys!

 My first baby! Now he is so neglected! Sorry Oscar!
 Watching TV!
 Henry at a Paint It! Birthday party!

 With Mommy, trying on new clothes!
Getting ready for Disney World!!!!

Christmas with Grannie and Pop-Pop

 Reading "Sofia the First"
 Trying to take a cousin picture (Davis was taking a much needed nap!)

Rocking with Pop-Pop!
(Poor Davis, we realized that Pop-Pop didn't get any pictures of him and I only got this one! Don't worry, buddy, we are going to make this up to you!)

Phone Pics Christmas Day!

 Yay! Santa came!

 Sebring/Tomlinson cousins!
Worn out!