Friday, February 21, 2014

Last Day in Disney...

We spent a very rainy and cold day in Magic Kingdom on our last day! But it was totally worth it and the kids were glad that we had one more full day to do all of our favorite rides one last time! We ate lunch at the Piccinochios Village Haus in Fantasyland (they had great flat bread pizzas) and we sat by the windows that overlook "It's a Small World"  ride.  And we also tasted the funnel cakes at Sleepy Hollow in Liberty Square, which I also highly recommend!  Plus, if you are coke person like me, Disney World has the BEST cokes ever. I did fall off the wagon on that one, I think I treated myself to one!

 in front of Rapunzel's castle
GA still has her hair piece in from her was a little wild!

11 months and growing!

Here's our big and growing boy!  
Right after Disney, this guy turned 11 months old!

I haven't weighed him or measured him, so not sure on that, but I am sure he is somewhere in
the 21 pound range and 30+inches long.

As you can see, he has RED hair! Just like his sister, we will see if it lasts or not!  I hope it does, because 
I just love it and it seems to fit him well!
This month, he has proven to be better-ish at sleeping. 
We went through a period of nap screaming!  Everytime I would lay him down for his regular nap times, he would stand up in his crib and just scream at the top of his lungs! And no, he would not cry himself to sleep! I thought surely he is exhausted, but no, he would keep on wailing. And no matter how many times I would go in to give him the paci (that he would throw on the trick)  and lay him back down, nothing would work! 
So he did that for about 3 weeks!  Super fun!
Then, night time was okay, but not great. I could never predict a full night of sleep. There were no patterns to what was going on, he wasn't sick, teeth had already broken through and I would change his diaper whether he needed it or not.  
I tell you, it was a mystery!
The only thing I could find was that he was going through a sleep regression.
No nursing strikes this month, which was nice!  He ate about 3-4 times a day and had solid meals 3 times a day plus 2 snacking times, too!  
The boy eats! 
He has started to eat some new things, but I feel that he doesn't eat as many as I would like.
He likes pancakes, sometimes avocado, cut up chicken and pulled pork, spaghetti with shredded cheese, yougurt, applesauce, any food pouch, oatmeal and pasta shells.
Bananas cut-up are not appealing to him, so I am going to have work with him on those.
He is still crawling all over the place and pulling up and standing beside tables and chairs, but now he tries to push and walk with the little chairs we have in the play room. I need to get out the walker we have that he can push around and buy him  some new early walker shoes! That is on the to-do list!  
Lots of babbling patterns with "dada" and "mama" but mostly "dada" and loves to yell in response to Henry's voice.  And they sit up late into the night discussing the latest train set-ups, I am sure of it!  It is fun to listen to them play (and fight, already?!).
I will say that on our Disney trip, he was the easiest and most content traveler! So thankful for that...he hasn't hit the fit-throwing and frustration stage yet! That was a bonus for sure!  
We are just enjoying this little guy so much and look forward to celebrating his 1st birthday with a Mickey Mouse theme, of course!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Cinderella's Castle- Bippiti Boppiti Boo Make-Over

This event was so much fun and one of mine and Russell's favorite things of our entire vacation! After Epcot, we dropped off the boys with Meme, ate a quick lunch at the condo, and then we left to go get the makeover!  Grace Ann had picked out Rapunzel as the princess she was going to transform into and we got the dress at the Disney store on sale before Christmas! So it worked out great on saving some money!  She was very excited that she got some alone time with us and loved all the pampering! I totally recommend this experience to anyone with a little girl!

Love this girl!  

Day 4- Epcot

We took a day off in the middle of the week, due to really rainy weather and very cold temps! It happened when all that bad weather was on the East Coast, so I guess that Florida got a mild version of all that mess. So we slept in, toured Bass Pro and went to the Universal Studios City Park area and ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.  I wasn't very impressed and neither was anyone else, but I guess that is what we get for going to a chain restaurant! We are cursed by being so close to the water and can get really good seafood any time we want. 

So on Day 4 of our vacation, we went to Epcot for our second character meal. We did breakfast at the Askerhaus Royal Banquet Hall complete with a host princess, Belle, and 4 other guest princesses.  It is located in Norway and was a super neat place!  The food was great and the service was excellent!  And since the weather was again rainy and very cold, we were the 5th car in the parking lot at Epcot and didn't have to pay for parking! We thought we were pretty cool! 

We didn't stay long at Epcot bc of the weather and we needed to get MK by 2:00 for Grace Ann's Bippiti Boppiti Boo appt. 

This was the best part....seeing her light up from the magical moments of meeting all her favorite princesses!