Monday, August 25, 2014

First Day of Kindergarten!

My girl was just so excited about today, she could hardly stand it!  The move to San Antonio has been hard on this girl (missing special friends and her "house"), so this was a great motivation and goal for her to get settled in to our new neighborhood- going to school!  She woke up very easily, no grumpiness or getting upset with me when I had to fix her hair, which never happens, hair is a big deal at this house. 

And surprisingly, I wasn't too sad about today.  I think it has helped me that I taught kinder, so I knew what was in store for her and her personality is so independent, I knew this would be her thing. She did so well, too! No tears, but a great big and kiss for me and off she went....  secretly, I would have loved going into her classroom for the first 15 minutes, but I knew she could handle it and I wanted to give her some space.  Plus, there literally was no space for me and my big huge double stroller I hauled into the school with the boys!

I will say, that due to her excitement she gave me her "just get these pictures over with look/strained smile face" in every picture! Now, that is what I am really sad about! She has such a sweet smile, but oh well, overall it was a great first day!

 Cousins ready for Kindergarten!
 We got this!
 "Henry, please move, this is my picture!"



Grace Ann turns 6!

Since the big move was going to put us in SA on Grace Ann's actual birthday, we decided to have her party with her friends before we moved in July.  She wanted a pool party with Frozen decorations and cupcakes and of course pizza!  So that is what she got!  My mom and Russell's mom watched the kids while Russ and I moved everything to SA and then we made it back just in time for the party! What a stress reliever to actually just show up to your kids' party while the grandmothers did most of the legwork! Way to go, Grannie and Meme!  We will call you in March for the boys' party!