Sunday, March 24, 2013

So we came home and...

                                          now what?  Well, life has definitely been busier than it was with just 2 little ones! We came home on a Friday afternoon, where the kids were super excited to have us home! They were very interested in Davis, especially Henry, since he didn't have a very good clue about what was going on. On Saturday, thankfully, my parents were kind enough to take the kids to their house the next day for a little "vacation."   They stayed for almost a week and had a great time and Russ and I got to have some time alone with Davis getting him settled.  I have to say that just having one little sweet baby alone wasn't too hard.  He slept and we slept, he ate and we ate!  I told Russ, "We should've had our third child first, we really know what we are doing now!"  These are some pictures from when we first came home and celebrating Henry's real 2nd birthday on March 9th!  We ordered pancakes from IHOP and he got to blow out his candle!  I can't believe I brought home Davis and now Henry is 2 years old!

 And when the kids came home.... it got crazy. FAST!  But they have been great at entertaining each other. I have gotten several private performances from Grace Ann & Co., they have had lots of TV theater time, and numerous rounds of recess! Plus they love to shove the paci into Davis' mouth, which I am not so sure that Davis has enjoyed so much!  And when Daddy comes home, we all scream and shout for his attention (especially this mama)! So, like real life, we are in a season of transition.  Getting used to 3 instead of remembering just the 2!  Our car is fuller, my mind more forgetful, the house is much more cluttered (and messier), my bed is never made and Russ and I are pretty tired, but we are so grateful for our healthy children!  God is good! Amen!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Grace Ann and Henry meet Davis!

 Since Davis was born at 11:34am on Thursday morning, the kids were able to come up to the hospital that same afternoon!  I love these pictures that Rick took of us...they capture the moment perfectly!

Davis' birth story!

What a busy, exhausting and very emotional roller coaster these last few days have been for our family!  Russ and I are so amazed how such an event we prepared for over 9 months can just go by so quickly, like it has gone in these past few days.

So before my very forgetful mommy brain forgets all the details of how Davis came into our lives, I want to make sure I write down how that day went for us!

We woke up around 3:15am to get ready for the induction and of course we were scrambling to get everything together! Grace Ann had had a bad dream the night before and I was up with her calming her down and then just couldn't get back to sleep myself because I was so pumped up about having Davis.  So because of my lack of sleep, I was slow moving!  But luckily, we made it to the hospital only 15 minutes late!

When we got there, we were quickly taken to our room and I was given a nightgown (this time it was green, instead of that very dull blue/gray...not too bad), but it was an XXL and it kept falling off my shoulders.  The nurse felt my pain and she found one that fit a lot better and I am so glad because who wants to give birth with a nightgown showing off parts that need to be covered!

Around 5:30am, I had my hair finished and was in the bed hooked up to the heart monitor and fetal movement monitor. Russ turned on the TV for me and I will never forget, he laughed at what was on! 19 Kids and Counting! One of my fav. shows!  Don't worry folks, I just like the show and I am not going to follow in their footsteps!  Then, Russ went to get some breakfast, before I was given Pitocin.

At 6am, I got an IV...which I hate these things! They are so painful and no matter who puts one in, they hurt so bad, to me even worse then the epidural being put in.  I had some blood drawn and other various things to do: filling out paperwork and answering questions.  By this time, Russ came back smelling of wonderful breakfast tacos and salsa! I was thinking that I hope this baby gets here fast, because I was so hungry!

Once I got the Pitocin (which I don't like the way it feels), I began to have some small contractions. By 7am, Dr. Duke came in to check in on us and see how things were going.  At that point I was still comfortable, but then it seemed that things began to progress faster than I expected. My contractions were starting to be more present and I kept asking the nurse how soon I get the epidural!  She said as soon I showed signs of "active" labor then I could get it.  So after several VERY uncomfortable checks I passed the active labor test and the nurse anthesist was called in to do the epidural.  Plus on top of all of this I became really nauseous and felt I was about to lose it. The nurse felt my pain and gave me a rather strong dose of phenergren.  Which made me super loopy!  Russ said I was talking so funny and we even have me on tape sounding incredibly wasted!  Nice, I am not feeling good and I am sounding like a lunatic!

I got the epidural, which wasn't too bad, and Dr. Duke came in shortly to break my water.  And of course I had to get a cathether put in. That was my first sign the epidural wasn't taking, I felt that thing the whole time and it was super uncomfortable!  I had the same feeling when I had Grace Ann, too.

I tried to get some sleep from 9-10am, but with little help from the epidural, my contractions were pretty strong and Russell's hand that I was holding was beginning to turn red! Poor guy....but then again poor me, too!  I really can't say enough how AMAZING Russ was during the whole thing, he was an angel throughout.

I kept getting checked and even though I was feeling him come down and lots of pressure and pain, I was still at a 7cm by the time the nurse checked me at 10:45.  Somewhere around that time Russell's parents came by to say hi and I was so out of it that I just kept my eyes closed and laid there trying to focus on not feeling miserable.  

A few minutes after 11am, I told Russ that he needed to get the nurse FAST, bc I was feeling him come on out and I needed to push!  I had never felt that with GA or Henry, but Davis was different!  So he ran to get someone, the nurse came in and I told her I REALLY needed to push and to get the stirrups READY! It seemed like an eternity for everything to get set up! My contractions were every 45 seconds and this little (big) guy was ready and so was I!  And did I mention, the epidural didn't take in the right spots and that I FELT EVERY SINGLE THING!  Yep!  I felt like an actress with sweat on my forehead and yelling to everyone in the room that I needed to push!  Thankfully, all the staff and nurses and Dr.Duke were feeling my pain, too, bc they were so encouraging and helpful!  Russ kept telling me how great I was doing and how much he loved me (tear), so besides the dreadful pain, it was a great atmosphere. 

After 10 or 12 minutes of pushing, my Davis came out and they laid him on my chest and I just melted!  He looked so traumatized by what had happened and I felt the same way...we had our first bonding experience!  He had a beautiful loud cry and pink skin!  And Dr. Duke said "I think I underestimated the weight! He's a big boy!"  (He guessed 8.5 lbs.) 

So after 39 weeks and 1 day of carrying this sweet baby, we welcomed DAVIS BLAKE SEBRING, into our family!  The Sebring Family of 5 is complete and although I know things are going to change, I am so excited to see what our future holds with Russ and I raising our daughter and our 2 sons! Please keep us in your prayers as we go through this transition! 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Davis is Here! Part 2

 Just taking him in for the first time!
 Our sweet doctor: Dr. Duke
 Getting a bath and his  poor head was definitely pointed from birth!
 The three of us!
 Meme with Davis
 I love these pictures of Russ and Davis...he was an amazing husband and daddy throughout the whole process!

Introducing our sweet baby Davis! Part 1

 Here we are bright and early on Thursday morning ready for the induction!  I didn't do make-up or hair until later that morning, so this is me in all my natural glory! 
 A few last belly shots before we meet Davis! I was a little nervous, since we were delivering at different hospital than we did with Grace Ann and Henry.  But it all turned out pretty wonderful because we had great staff and nursing care.
 39 weeks and 1 day
And lots of big baby boy in there!
 Poor guy the birth was definitely traumatic for the both of us!  He had a hard time coming down and my epidural decided not to work this time around! Now my legs were nice and large and numb, but nothing else! 
Yes, I would say a big fat OUCH! 
But thank goodness, the Lord gives us mothers the ability to forget the pain once we see that baby!
It was totally worth it for this sweet little guy!

Davis Blake Sebring
9lbs. 5 oz.
22 3/4 inches long
A mess of strawberry blonde hair and blue-gray eyes

Sunday, March 3, 2013

38 weeks...being induced on March 7th!

Wowzah!  I am really ready to have this baby boy!
Pregnancy Highlights:
How far along? 38 w 4 days in picture
Weight Gain: too much to care, let's just say I have my work cut out for me when Davis gets here!
Gender: BOY
Last doctor's appt.: still at 2 cm, but we made plans to get induced this Thursday!  I have one last appt. on Tuesday to get all the instructions and one last check on Davis!  And then it's go time!
Cravings:  Not really, but we did go eat Mexican food on Saturday. Russ and I realized that pretty soon we will be saying party of 5 instead of 4!
Symptoms: hand numbness, extreme swelling in my feet and hands and face!  Just ready to get back to normal!
Best Moment of the Week:  Having a patient husband, especially when I am trying to clean out the garage at midnight or change lightbulbs when I shouldn't be climbing on the step ladder.  He just smiles and asks what can he do!  I just hope he still loves me this much when we are both sleep deprived those first few months!  
We will keep everyone updated by text or phone when Davis arrives! We are so thrilled that the time is close. Please keep us in your prayers! God Bless!