Saturday, April 28, 2012

Disney on Ice!

 My friend, Tara, and I took our girls to see the Disney on Ice show today!  First we all went for "ladies lunch" at the Art Museum on the Bay! I had never been there and the view was awesome, I am so going back!  The girls dressed in their finest for the performance and had a great time.  GA made it the whole time with holding back a major meltdown due to lack of nap!  By the end it was time to go and before we were on the big bridge she was out and I mean drooling lights out!  Poor girl, seeing all of her princesses can wear you out! 

Pool time at the Island house!

 Since Russ has had a busy schedule lately, I have been so lucky to have Mary and Earl help me out so much with kids!  They are usually here every other weekend, so I just load up the kids and off we go!  Last Sunday, while I went for my long run, Mary watched the kids for me.  They had so much fun in the little pool we brought out there. However, it got a little chilly with the Springtime breeze and you can see my little ones with purple lips!  They may have been shivering but they loved every minute of it!  Thank you so much to Mary for watching the kids and cooking a wonderful meal!  I love the Island House and feel that it is our second home! It is a wonderful place to be and relax!

Playtime at the house!

 Sometimes our days turn into "lazy" days of doing absolutely nothing.  I attempt to get some laundry done or work on organizing (something that has become my obsession) an area of the house, but it never 3 o'clock it looks like a tornado has struck our house and left one man down, ME!  But when I see a lot of toys around my house, I remember a few things. One, yay we used our toys and played with them and two, they had a fun day together being kids!  So that makes me feel better and my pile of laundry unfortunately does not! never does...I hate laundry! So here are some pics of one of our lazy days!

 I thought this was cute! After the rodeo, she wanted to get her stick horse some food from her kitchen. (At first, she tried to use Oscar's food, but then I convinced her to cook out of her kitchen.) So the pink pot is "Lucky's" water and the bowl is his food.  Poor Lucky, a little ankle biter is on his way to destroy your nice set-up! 
Not quite walking yet, but pushing anything with wheels! He's almost there and boy is he proud of himself!

Yee Haw! Buc Days Rodeo!

 While Russ was on call last weekend, I took GA to the Buccaneer Days Rodeo that we have every year!  We had a great time and I was a little skeptical of how she react to the bucking horses and bulls, but she was very entertained!  One time a bronco even kicked our box, which definitely frightened me and her a little, too! Thank goodness I could hide my being scared when pulling her back away from the bar.  She just thought I wanted an extra hug!  Our favorite event was the sheep riding. There were about 10 elementary age kids that would ride the sheep and try to stay on for 8 seconds.  They were so cute and GA really wanted to do it.  I can't wait for all of us to go next year! I just need some boots, I guess I need to be a real Texan next time I go! And GA left wanting to be a "cowgirl!"

More Easter Fun!

Easter wasn't over for us after church...we kept on celebrating with some close friends of ours at their house!  The kids had another egg hunt and we grilled out and enjoyed the nice Spring weather!  It still amazes me how close together our kids are...GA/AG are 3 weeks apart and Henry/Foster are 2 weeks apart! They will always have a buddy when we all hang out!  Here are some pictures from our fun afternoon! 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter 2012!

Easter has been so good to us! Today we celebrated the resurrection of our Savior at church with a beautiful mass and went on to eat at our favorite brunch at Waterstreet! Russ and I definitely were sweating when we got home today due to wrangling some Sebring kiddos, but thank goodness they are taking good naps! Or else the pics would not be up today! Happy Easter and here's to a wonderful and cool Spring and Summer!

I think the Easter bunny hit the Babies R Us BOGO sale on Vtech toys...whatcha think?

This picture sums up our Easter morning at church and brunch....crazy with a side of cuteness!

That is tart, Daddy!

Russ decided that today Henry was going to taste his first lemon! Poor guy...look at that face!

GA with her Meme

GA was having trouble being cooperative with photo-ops, so right when I clicked this pic...she went darting away! But I got one good smile!

Henry has a hard time, too. So this is one of the few pics I have of him with his sweet smile!

Another sweet grandpa outside watching his GK's offered to take a family pic for us, so we got one of us together! I didn't realize it until now, how color-coordinated we were today!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A-Hunting We Will Go!

Today was GA's Easter Egg Hunt/Party at school and boy did she have a good time! Her teacher was super smart and created Easter baskets out of egg cartons for the kids...what a great idea for the kids to know exactly how many eggs to get! Then, they got to do the confetti eggs over their heads or their friends' heads. And what a gorgeous day it was, too!

GA with her classmates and Ms. Melissa!

Confetti Eggs! The confetti symbolizes God's graces upon you!

Green mouth from the green icing on the cupcakes!
And this little miss ate an entire deviled egg! Whoa! Super surprise!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Good-bye March, Hello April!

March has flown by so fast and we have packed in so many activities that my head spins! Here is a breakdown of our month! We celebrated brother's 1st birthday, visited with cousins Jack and Gemma, had a stay at home Spring Break, went to visit family in Mississippi and see Uncle Buck in concert, then two quick visits to Grannie and Pop-Pop's house, a trip to the Houston Zoo, Acadiana Children's Museum in Lafayette, two doctor visits for Henry and viola! we are crazy tired! These are days I am told I will miss! And I know they are right because even though I want to pull out my hair and run for the hills sometimes, I love being with these kids and enjoying these moments!

Look who's a big boy!

Still happy to be in stroller!

With Cousin Jack at the Texas State Aquarium!

Look at my Irish girl! And how cute are our cousins!

Henry O'Sebring to ya!

She was so excited about the elephants!

And the drums in the African forest!

Sitting on Grandpa's lap!

Being silly on a very rainy day!

Me and Buck at dinner

He's the one on the piano playing a really hard piece by a composer that I cannot pronounce...Sorry Buck!
At the end with all the performers and they all got a standing ovation!
I was so proud of him! He did awesome!