Monday, June 17, 2013

Outside Fun!

Rick loves to get cute pictures of the kids playing...and he gets the best expressions from them! And of course the best pictures come from when the kids are not dressed in their best outfits and have perfect hair, but of when they are just themselves!  I love this group of pictures...

 Ohh, I love, love this one...the eyes and the red hair...looks like a thinker!
 And my funny girl who loves to play around and get attention!

And here's my curious one, he loves to sneak around looking for fun and usually finds it in a game of chase with his sister!

Grace Ann's recital pictures

 They are out of order, but Grace Ann did her Jasmine tap routine first and her Princess Aurora ballet routine second.  Her little class was too cute and you could tell they loved every minute of it! Mom, Rick and Russ got to sit in the audience while I was the "racer" before/after every dance. I raced in to see her dance and then raced out when she had to change costumes and touch up was all so exciting and crazy!  I am not cut out to do little girl's make-up! And her hair wouldn't quite go up in a bun, but we did the best we could and she had a great time! And I think that is all that matters! We love you, Grace Ann the ballerina! 

 Mom and Rick and Russ and I got her flowers after the show!

Thank you to Rick for taking great pictures!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to the most patient man I know!
I love you so much!
Your not so patient wife!

Happy Father's Day to our Dads, too!
Earl, Rick and Tommy
What lucky people we are to have y'all in our lives! 
And our kids love their Pepaw, Pop-Pop and Grandpa, too!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

May/June Phone Pics

Going through my phone and needed to post some pictures of what we are doing these summer days!  Swimming lessons, dentist appts., girl time, storytime at the library and just hanging out are some activities we have been enjoying!  Grace Ann was so brave at the dentist this last time...I was definitely a proud mama!  Henry has been loving the water and splashing his sister and Davis is just being the sweetest, most easy-going baby! 

Picking up flowers from the wedding...being such a good flower girl!
 Henry and best buddy, Foster, at storytime with their sweet, sweet babysitter!
 the girls at storytime
 Petting a lizard at a visit to the aquarium
 Just relaxing!
 A picture of her Grannie...
 My sleeping angel
 and my monkey (trying to cut his toenails)
 Cheese, he says!
 Last day of MDS! I was so sad to say good-bye to her sweet little class! She had a great time this year!
 At her end of the year party after they had water day!
 Henry got to join in, too! His first time drinking a Capri Sun and I think he liked it...just a little!
 Me and GA at the "Cracker Berries"  we were having girl time!
 And silly time, too!
 swim lessons

 GA took this picture of Davis getting a bottle while I was waiting to see the doctor.

 Me and Davis at swimming lessons, I forgot his hat, so he was a little turban baby!
 On my way out the door on a run...gotta get that last 15 lbs. off! is harder this go around!

 GA with her teacher, Miss Lindsey
 Snug as a bug in his car seat on the way home from the pool!
Enjoying the summer weather!!!

Pinterest and a Baby Shower!

That pinterest gets me every time! I try and try to become a master Pinterester, but my ability fails everytime! Friday, I spent the entire nap time break watching You Tube videos and attempting to copy all the shower ideas I had gotten off Pinterest.  The pictures, the crafts and the food, oh my! It is so overwhelming, but utterly adorable.  I have come to the conclusion that I have my limitations and me and glue gun are just not cut out for all this crafting.  But thank goodness, for my mom's quiche casserole recipe, some glass jars covered in ribbon and scrapbook paper and a good ole bouquet of daisies.

The shower went off without a hitch and everything was great and we all had a great time. So take that Pinterest and all your loveliness! Just in case, I have deemed myself a Level 1 Pinterester! 

Congratulations to Stacey and her beautiful family...and for the new baby girl we will meet in August!

 My sweet friend, Stacey and her sweet little girl, Marlee!
 What a cute cake we had!

 Me, Veronica, Stacey and Dara
 Big Sister Marlee opening a few gifts from her Grammie

Davis is 3 months!

 Such a happy boy!
I wasn't ready, Mommy!
 Here I am!
He started to lean!  Too funny!

My baby boy is 3 Months Old!

I just can't believe the time has flown by so quickly and he is getting so animated! 

Davis weighs about 14lbs. 13 oz. (as per my scale)
Not sure his height!

This guy sleeps through the night from 9:30p to around 7:00am.
He takes two big naps a day and a short evening one!
However, he will fall asleep in the car when we go for a long ride.
Davis sleeps in his pack and play in our room, since his older brother still loves the crib!  I told Russell the other day that he might never see a crib til his first birthday, so off to Babies R US for a pack and play mattress.  

He nurses every 3 to 3.5 hours all day and boy does he know how to burp!
A little bit of spit-up but not too much and I don't have to limit my dairy reflux like with Henry or Grace Ann!  

Davis goes on the playmat and enjoys the bouncy seat or I just walk around holding him all day!
He's the last one so I am trying to savor this sweet chunky baby!  
He loves to look at faces and smiles when talked to plus he loves to just watch his sister and brother act like monkeys!

Davis can hold his head up so well and rolls over from front to back and almost from back to front.
He puts his fists in his mouth and tries to chew on those fingers, but I try to get that paci in his mouth!  
He can grab toys that are hanging from the playmat and will hold his little lion lovie!

So far he has...
Waiting to see if his hair and eyes stay that way!  

We love you sweet Davis! You are the icing on our cake and so happy you belong to us!