Sunday, June 18, 2017

Branson Vacation

Right after Grace Ann was finished with school, we packed up the van to head east for Branson! The drive was beautiful, I think I am stuck in West Texas desert climate, so anything green looks amazing! All four kids were great in the car, especially with my tablet toting kids with no wifi in the car.

Russell had to stay home to work, but my parents decided to help out and join us for the trip.

We went to Silver Dollar City, The Landing and to the Titanic Museum.  We saw so much and definitely ate too much. And the best part of the trip, (I am getting old here)----THE WEATHER! It was so nice and comfortable. If we go back next year, which I hope we do, we will go back in early June.

And now to the pictures.....

 splash pad in the Fireman's Landing (SDC)
Grace Ann got to pick a clam/oyster to get a pearl and she made a necklace. 
She is getting so grown up....she has worn that necklace every day since we got back.
Can't believe she's almost 9!!!! 
 Davis taking his job seriously...getting rid of bandits.
 The big kids favorite ride...I screamed the entire time bc I hate getting wet!

 The view from our condo!
 selfie after dinner, clearly Emme is not in the mood!

 Build a Bear meet your competition---Ridermakerz
The boys made cars and designed extra details!
They loved it!
 Davis has landed in heaven! And with an orange car!
 Captain of the Titantic
 Bright smiles for this mommy's girl!

 She helps me so much! Just love these two girls!
 Hotel picnic!
Pit stop at B & N, but the real reason I share this pic...
He is just the best kid. Period. I learn from him on a daily basis and he teaches me patience and   
He is my joy on a rainy day, and my light and my hero.