Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Life lately....

I could start this post saying, "Oh, we've just been so busy...." but I am sure that you are already convinced that my life is always in some state of "busy."


This fall we were literally just surviving! I unpacked everything so quickly in August that I really didn't organize drawers and closets the best. But that's what happens when you are getting four kids into a new schedule in a new town, in new schools. You just do it. (Thank you Nike for your wonderful words of wisdom.)

We stayed in Midland for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was just the best decision for our family to stay put. I always have these grand ideas of fun trips to visit relatives, but it just doesn't come out so good. Thankfully, with Russell's parents here and Aunt Marcie, Uncle Keith, Jack and Gemma, our kids didn't even skip a beat that we didn't leave town.

After the holidays, we zoomed right back to school and getting into our routine again. Grace Ann began getting tutoring at school for dsylexia. We found out right before Christmas that she qualified for services and I am so grateful. After all the red tape I have gone through with Henry in an unnamed San Antonio school district, I was just so grateful that I didn't have to get ready to defend the why or what to get her help.  It was just easy and all the teachers and staff were so positive and willing to take my suggestions. I can not say enough how happy I was.

Again, for Spring Break, we chose to stay put.  Another good choice. The kids enjoyed just hanging out and I let them each pick out a place for us to eat lunch. They all got a turn, except Emme, I had to guide her a bit!

With school almost wrapped up, we are spending time outside riding bikes, working in the yard and trying to turn my grass green. This dang West Texas weather! Just kidding, I am actually loving the cool mornings and mild evenings.  We have had a wonderful Spring.

So, come on Summer, we are ready!